HackerOne pays out $20,000 after ‘messy’ split

An organization which enables huge organizations to reveal security gaps in their foundation has itself been hacked.

One of its own locale individuals ruptured HackerOne. It pays programmers who discover bugs in items, administrations and sites for any similar item of Uber and Goldman Sachs.

A client uncovered the danger with the handle haxta4ok00.

Following the episode, HackerOne has paid $20,000 (£15,224) to haxta4ok00 for uncovering the error.

A HackerOne representative said in an announcement: “Last week, while reporting a vulnerability to HackerOne, a hacker had access for a short time to information relating to other programs running on the HackerOne platform.

“Less than 5% of HackerOne programs were impacted, and those programs were contacted within 24 hours of report receipt.”

Security expert Graham Cluley depicted the occurrence as “messy” in a blog entry on Thursday.


“A simple human error potentially put other companies’ bugs in expose danger,” Cluley told.

“One of the staff at HackerOne cut-and-pasted a URL with a bug hunter, but it unfortunately contained his session cookie details. With that information the bug hunter was able to view HackerOne records that only that logged-in staff member should see it.

“If that information had been shared with someone with malicious intent, it could potentially have exposed the private vulnerabilities of many large organizations, including even the US Department of Defense.”

HackerOne offers money related compensations to people who spot shortcomings in an item.

Organizations, for example, Starbucks, Instagram, and Slack utilize HackerOne’s “bug abundance” projects. In order to recognize issues before malignant programmers can abuse them.

HackerOne fixed the helplessness on its foundation inside two hours of haxta4ok00 detailing it.

‘No mischief signified’

Following the episode, HackerOne fellow benefactor Jobert Abma asked haxta4ok00. For what valid reason they examined as profoundly as they did.

“We didn’t find it necessary for you to have opened all the reports and pages in order to validate you had access to the account,” said Abma on HackerOne’s website. “Would you mind explaining why you did so to us?”

Haxta4ok00 reacted saying he needed to show the effect. “I didn’t mean any harm by it. As reported it to you at once… But still I apologize if I did anything wrong. But it was just a white hack.”

A HackerOne representative included: “The team followed standard protocol to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the issue and implement immediate and long-term fixes within hours of the report. The comprehensive investigation concluded that there was no evidence of malicious intent.

“This was a vulnerability reported through HackerOne’s own bug bounty program by an active HackerOne hacker community member and was safely resolved.

“All customers [affected] were notified the same day.”


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